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Reference Job Title Description
L2000208 Technical Sourcing Engineer
L2000213 Design & Development Mechatronics Engineer (Staff Engineer) Perform detailed studies and plans according to specifications set by the department, in compliance with the required lead-time and internal standards. Develop solutions to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of the product. Perform technical calculations on concepts and designs to achieve the specifications accurately and minimum development cost. Define proper drawing and machining controls and tolerances based on the application of the product.  
L2000214 Software Quality Assurance Engineer (SQA) Perform software testing to ensure proper verification for software releases. Responsible to plan and execute the software testing portion of a software release schedule.
L2000215 Software Engineer (PnP) Responsible to the Software Manager to support customer and manufacturing issues. Responsible to the Software Manager to develop software driven to create technology for market opportunities (R&D)
L2000222 New Product Introduction Manager
Lead New Product Introduction (NPI) team and responsible as interface between
design engineering and process engineering.
To develop manufacturing and testing process or procedures for New Product
Introduction (NPI).
L2000226 Senior Product Quality Manager / Product Quality Manager
Take ownership of product delivery quality
Driving cross functional team to continually improve the product delivery quality
Lead and facilitates zero defects program
L2000225 Inventory Analyst
L2000227 Vision Software Team Leader
Lead a team to develop and support vision applications for semiconductor quality
inspection that will be integrated in the Company's turret handlers.
L2000228 Senior / Junior Software Engineer (x 2 vacancies)
M2005184 Business Development Manager Our Client's busines focuses on the development of core technologies and products such as remote-sensing, geo-information, satellite navigation etc.
L2000229 Sr Sales Engineer (Transformer and NER)
L2000230 Senior Sales Engineer (Switchboards & Panels)
L2000223 Delta Spares Product Manager
L2000209 Mechanical Design Engineer (PnP) x 2

Under the direction of an assigned lead or manager, works to develop new designs
and / or make improvements to existing products based on technical and cost
requirements from Product Manager


L2000210 Product Engineer (PnP)

Develops and implements the comprehensive strategy to continuously improve the
reliability, manufacturability, function and profitability of automated IC test handling
equipment. Directs multidisciplinary teams to ensure customer, market and technology
developments are used to address current and forecasted needs and ensure ultimate
success of a product.

L2000207 Technical Writer (PnP) x 2 To produce technical publications supporting the Company's products and services including
research, writing, editing, layout and printing.
L2000211 Mechatronics Design Engineer Perform detailed studies and plans according to customer project specifications, in
compliance with the required lead-time and internal standards in force.
L2000212 Mechatronics Engineering Manager To manage and develop the Company's Mechatronics Engineering team for ISMECA
BU with Application, Design and development and Feeding engineering team.
Ensure compliance of mechatronics engineering to the design rules and
requirements of each projects.
Ensure compliance to engineering process.
L2000216 Strategic Sourcing Manager / Engineer Transfer the Company's Business Unit(s) handler product(s) to Asian factories with qualified
Asian supplier(s)
Authorized to send COHU technical information/ drawing(s) to approved Supplier(s)
with NDA signed, during RFQ stage if necessary
Authorized to place purchase order(s)/ quantity contract(s) to selected Supplier(s) during
FAI stage
Authorized to place pull flow contract after FAI if necessary
L2000217 Systems Engineer
L2000218 Business Applications Systems Analyst x 2
L2000219 Senior New Product Introduction Process Engineer x 2 To develop manufacturing and testing process or procedures for New Product
Introduction (NPI)
Responsible as interface between design engineering and process engineering.
L2000220 Field Service Engineer (Seremban)
L2000221 Customer Project Manager x 2 Manage customer projects including new equipments, kits and retrofits from
feasibility studies up to final acceptance by the customer.
Ensure that the projects are realised within the agreed specification, delivery
schedule and cost; in conformity to the objectives and guidelines of ISMECA
L2000195 Assistant Electrical Engineering Manager
L2000196 Design & Development Mechatronics Staff Engineer
L2000197 Electrical Design Engineer To specialise in existing regulation systems and optimize their performance.
Participate in hardware development projects linked to new company products (R&D and/or
Understand the process and analyse the capability of the design/system.
Train and update regulation systems skills of internal users.
Electrical hardware design of manufacturing equipment (schematics, panel layouts, cable run
outs, network topologies, cable designations, I/O overviews, terminal references etc.)
Analyse problems linked to motor regulations and provide new solutions if needed. (Mainly
Servo motor..etc).
Analyse problems linked to power & pneumatics management system and provide new
solutions if needed.
Analyse problems linked to electromagnetic compatibility and provide new solutions if
For new products, identify requirements and technical constraints, source for material, test,
characterise and optimise their performance.
Participate in designing new motor / IO / Interface boards, PCB integration and schematics.
Identify EOL hardware products, source for replacement, test, characterize and optimize
Work in close collaboration with headquarters R&D hardware team.
Systematic creation and update of documentations related to new and existing products,
internal rules and procedures, training programs, etc.
Drawing up project plans and circuit diagrams, using computer-assisted engineering and
Conduct know-how transfer to maintain standard regulation systems skills level of internal
users (Mainly Application engineer / QA Engineer / Fields service engineer & Assembly
Any task that may be assigned from time to time.
L2000198 Test & Contacting Design Engineer Designs, develops, layouts, documents and supervises manufacturing, testing and application of
contactor and test interface solutions. Interfaces with customer, supplier, sales, customer service
engineer and team members with minimal guidance.
L2000199 Data Analyst This person is dedicated to continued development, deployment and management of field
WebQC and WebEng for reporting of the quality and reliability of Cohu products. Works
closely with IT, Quality, Engineering, Field Service and other departments to ensure that all
infrastructure needs are met and the databases are up-to-date, functional and operational to
meet local and global requirements.
L2000200 Vision Integration Engineer

Support vision applications for semiconductor quality inspection, integrated on the Company's
Turret machines.
Ensure integration process being carried out according to the Company's standard
Participate in continuous improvements and feedback technical issues to the Company's vision
software and hardware development team to enhance the performance of the Company's
vision system.

L2000201 Process Engineer (1-Ismeca )
L2000202 Manufacturing Engineering Manager
L2000203 Design & Development Mechatronics Engineer Develop mechanical solutions for turret handler.
Define proper drawing and machining controls based on the application of the
L2000204 Design & Development Engineering Specialist Focuses on specifications, design, capability, maintenance, manufacturing and
training of the design/system.

Understand the process and analyze the capability of the design/system.

Comprehend and translate product or customer specifications into cost effective
technical solutions.
L2000205 Design & Development Project Manager Responsible to manage development projects from project preparations until the
product is released.

Ensure the projects are within the agreed specifications, cost and delivery schedule.
L2000206 Software Application Engineer Analyse software requirements to determine feasibilities to meet customers’
To support any software installation of new machine/kit/retrofit
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